Mission Statement:

Customer service and variety forever!


Open 7 days a week for 20 years. our family owned Black River Surplus & variety offers "fun stop" shopping instead of one stop shopping! With thousands of unique and useful items to choose from, our customers come and buy from us daily- everything from tools to gifts to greeting cards!
  In our store we offer a huge variety of tools for the tradesman, farmer and the home owner. We showcase knives of all kinds that are both ornamental for displaying or functional for work and hunting. We have camping and fishing equipment (we fish our own baits). Our "man cave" has great "caveman" appeal! There is a section dedicated to pet products. Our office supply area is always well organized and handy for our customers. We have a toy and kids book section. We have 100s of running feet of housewares, kitchen gadgets, spices and "stuff," for people who need "stuff." Really?We all need stuff!
  On our gift side of the store we sell 100s of quality greeting cards everyday! We have a huge affordable silk flower area that changes with the season. There is row of picture frames, candles and scrapbooking supplies. We have craft items and yarn. We have party goods, gift wrap and great prices on nice gift bags. There is a whole wall dedicated to home decor signs, tin stars, dolls and pictures. We have figurines and cabin decor, rugs, blankets and so much more! It's hard to explain the pure volume of inventory. Give us a chance to work for your shopping dollars- not expect them.
  Even with over 20,000 square feet of variety, we are still adding new products and new customers every week. Welcome & be invited if you live in Black River Falls or the surrounding area, or if you are passing through, to shop Black River Surplus! Open 7 days a week. Hwy 54 “On The West Side!”